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Start your journey to operational success today with our free e-book,  "Streamlining Success: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Operations Management"

Mastering Metrics: Precision-Tailored Dashboard Services

Elevate Your Strategy with Top-Notch Business Data Analytics

Step into the spotlight of data-driven success with Order of Operations. Here, we transform your figures into stories of triumph with custom dashboard solutions that highlight the metrics shaping your future. Farewell to guesswork, and hello to crystal-clear decision-making. Our strategic data insights pave a path of operational empowerment that'll have you striding towards growth like a boss.


Meet Sarah: The Architect of Operational Excellence

Decades of Leadership Forging Unrivaled Data Mastery and Operational Innovation

Operational Dynamo

  • With over twenty years in the trenches of operations, including running the show in distribution and transportation, she’s the go-to pro for redesigning systems that really deliver.

Cross-Functional Commander

  • Leading teams from intimate squads to robust assemblies of 150, Sarah is the ace at merging technical know-how with strategic leadership.

Data Connoisseur

  • A semi-finalist at the World Excel Championships? That’s no fluke. Sarah’s got a knack for slicing through data and serving up insights that can transform a business.

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Customized Dashboard Solutions for Strategic Success

At Order of Operations, data isn’t just presented; it's transformed into a powerful narrative of your business journey. We expertly tailor dashboards that shed light on key performance metrics, turning the page on guesswork and unveiling actionable chapters of growth and efficiency.

Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard Design

Transform your data landscape with dashboards that do more than report—they tell the tale of your business. Our design service doesn't just map data; it crafts the storyline of your success.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

Zoom in on the metrics that matter. Our performance analysis turns numbers into knowledge, charting your business milestones with precision.

Operational Audit

Operational Audits

Peek behind the curtains of your business processes with audits that uncover the plot twists in your operations. Our detailed reports turn the page to new chapters of efficiency.

Training and Support

Training and Support

Get your team fluent in the language of data with our comprehensive training. We turn data jargon into actionable dialogue that keeps your operations best-in-class.

Strategic Consultation

Strategic Consultation

Let’s plot your business bestseller with strategic consultation that pinpoints your narrative arc. We’ll craft a strategy that takes you from prologue to profit.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Cut through the noise and fine-tune your business processes. We orchestrate workflows that hit all the right notes, increasing efficiency and productivity in tune with your goals.

Start your journey to operational success today with our free e-book,

"Streamlining Success: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Operations Management"

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

At Order of Operations, we specialize in turning complex data into actionable insights for dynamic businesses looking to elevate their operations. Our services are tailored for those who aren't just in the game but want to change how the game is played.

Is Order of Operations Your Next Strategic Ally?

Ready to turn your business journey into an epic saga of success? Partner with us, and we'll equip you with the tools and insights to navigate the twists and turns of the business landscape, ensuring every chapter ends in triumph.

Data Storytelling Experts

At Order of Operations, data analytics meet imagination. Certified as Dashboard Designers, we excel in transforming your data into vivid narratives that not only recap your business history but also map out strategies for growth. Think of us as your strategic narrators, turning complex data into actionable insights with a dash of flair.

Certified Data Experts

Crafted by certified hands, each dashboard delivers precision and insight, telling the story of your business like no other.

Tailored Data Solutions

We custom-design each dashboard to reflect your unique business narrative, focusing on the metrics that matter most.

Impact with a Narrative Twist

Our dashboards do more than visualize data—they turn numbers into strategic assets that enhance decision-making and boost operational efficiency.

Ready to See Your Business Story Unfold? Let's Craft Your Success Narrative Together.

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data dashboard build process

Ready to Transform Your Data into Power?

Begin a journey where every data point weaves into the grand narrative of your business. With Order of Operations, your analytics become compelling stories that map out roads to success. Connect with us for insights that craft your future and strategies that drive your business forward.

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Working with Sarah from Order of Operations LLC has been an absolutely positive and pleasant experience! Very resourceful, knowledge and patient! Would give ten out of five stars!

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